A love of writing has been an important part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.  Creating adventurous characters who lived an exciting life in contrast to my middle-class upbringing in Baltimore, I wrote stories and poems when I wasn’t reading books.

A career in writing?   The Sisters of Francis Assisi encouraged it but also insisted  I needed a “real” job to support my storytelling habit.   In college I began working in advertising.  I accidentally was good at it.

I sold advertising for community papers, a daily paper in Baltimore and then went to The Washington Post.  At the Washington Post, I worked in Real Estate, Home Furnishings locally and then traveled nationally for The Post. I was then promoted and transferred to the New York office where my clients were International Airlines and Offices of Tourism.  Before leaving The Washington Post, I was the New York Advertising Sales Manager.

After taking off a couple of years to start a family, I returned to Baltimore and began working for an upscale direct mail magazine.  Working with independently owned businesses, I returned to sales, eventually becoming Sales Manager and Associate Publisher.

Over the years I have cringed whenever someone has surmised that I must be a good salesperson.  Why?  While I know that Sales is a respectable and challenging endeavor, I believe a true salesperson can sell almost any product to a customer.

The secret to my success, however, is not in my ability to sell but rather in my ability to connect with business owners and help them to successfully sell their product or service.   I listen well and have a talent for helping businesses compel their customers to buy through the written word and a variety of media.

Ten years ago I left the direct mail publication and CRH Marketing Solutions was born.  Working with independently-owned businesses, I have had the opportunity to help brand and market a myriad of businesses.  Starting with a Marketing Plan, I developed a strategy to helped brand businesses.  During this time I have written copy for: websites, ad copy, direct mail, rack cards and brochures, newsletters, social media posts, enewsletters, video scripts, sales presentations, press releases, and articles.

Writing is the fabric that has woven my career, from salesperson listening and creating the message for advertising, to marketer and copywriter for small businesses.  So while I enjoy working with my clients, and will continue to market their businesses, I am looking forward to expanding my copywriting services.  It is after all that I love to do best.

Personal:  I live in Baltimore, Maryland with my husband and cat until it gets too cold.  Then we escape to Marathon in the Florida Keys.  We wrote a book together: How to get Elected to State and Local Office.

When not writing, traveling, or spending time with our children, I enjoy sewing and painting.