The power of words is paramount to selling your product or service.  In my many years of experience in advertising and marketing, I have worked directly with business owners as well as employees in marketing capacities.

Do you need copy for print ads or a new brochure? Are you in the market for sales letters targeting new prospects? While referrals are the best way to grow your business, testimonials are the next best thing.  What are your best customers saying about you and how can that be used to grow your business?  Case studies, — a story detailing how your product or service has helped a customer is also an effective way to build your customer base through a second party referral.

Editorial content such as articles for publication, press releases, or content for blog posts are all effective methods of marketing.

Have you considered the benefits of an email campaign to regularly connect with customers and prospects? Is your website fresh and relevant? Do you use lead generation landing pages to entice prospects?  A well-written video script can be used on your website, or for a booth at a trade show.  Social media posts or ads are another way to engage your prospects.

Does your sales organization employ a sales funnel approach?  The effectiveness of sales copy delivered over time to a prospect whether through sales letters or emails is a compelling way to engage your customer or prospect, especially in a long term sale.  Perhaps something as simple as a new sales script could help you grow your business.

Has your business been around several years? Perhaps your company can benefit from a complete analysis of marketing collateral.  Often the most effective message is something that was previously used, but over the years it has become diluted by experimenting with many other messages. Businesses benefit from a writer/marketer sifting through the old and new marketing collateral, fine-tuning how and when and what should be used, then creating a new strategy for implementation.

However you are looking to move your business forward, it all begins with compelling copy.  As an effective copywriter, I will help you to tell your business story including what makes you different from your competition and why your prospective customer should buy your product or service.

Call or email me and let’s grow your business with the power of the written word.